Less News Now

My wife and I had a midweek date and I spoiled it with anxiety.

“This cheese plate is good, but what if our son grows up in an apocalyptic hellscape with sunken coastlines and ultraconservative thought-policing?”

Mainlining news all day is making me unproductively anxious. I’m not bettering myself, let alone anyone else, by following every update, every hour.

I’m going to pretend it’s the 20th Century and I have to wait for the newspaper to land on the porch, or the nightly news to bring me up to speed.

I’ll still be on and off Facebook throughout the day, but I’ll be more of a snorkeler than a scuba diver, coming up for air instead of waiting for my helmet to implode from too much pressure.

Because the constant onslaught leaves zero time for decompression and reflection. Taking breaks isn’t the same as tuning out or growing apathetic. I’m not a bad citizen if I don’t feel outraged the instant a new executive order is signed, and I’m not a useful citizen if I allow myself to be dazed by hourly blows to the head.

Next date, I’ll focus on my wife (and the cheese plate).

Punk Cafe

I’m bringing Dead Kennedys’ “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” to a cafe vinyl night this evening. I give it four songs before it stresses people out and they swap the record for something calmer.

Update #1: Ooo! There’s a knitting club meeting in the cafe tonight, too. They’re gonna love it.

Update #2: They played the entire side! Thanks, Donald, for making the Dead Kennedys relevant yet again, I guess?

Update #3: I also won this “attack cat leaping out of a coffee cup” platter felt in the raffle, so pretty big win all-around tonight.

Be Good to Someone You Know

Do Things, Fight Gloom: Idea #1

Boost someone you know, right now, in any way.

It’s important to help people you don’t personally know, but your immediate sphere is important, too. Someone you know – a relative, friend, or coworker – is in desperate emotional need today.

They won’t let you know because it’s terrifying to admit that kind of vulnerability.

Maybe they’re anxious, depressed, or lonely. Maybe their job crushes their identity or they’re dating a lamprey. They might be contemplating suicide against their will.

Or maybe it’s something positive, and they’re right on the lip of a week-changing epiphany, and all they need is one little nudge of human contact.

Right now: Send a text. Invite someone out. Be awesome for a person you know, out of nowhere.