On Just Shy of Two Decades of Marriage

Tuesday is our 19th wedding anniversary.

We had our anniversary date today instead of then, because we plan ahead. Our son was away at a friend’s house, so Coley and I:

1. Went to Goodwill and got $13 of clothes for an 80s prom party.

2. Bought a new Mr. Coffee maker.

3. Ate extra-hot Halal chicken/rice at Troy Kitchen.

4. Had a couple drinks in town.

5. Went home and let us say had a romantic late afternoon.

6. More gin!

7. Did laser chase with our dog Bones. He got the laser.

8. Watched the Miami Vice movie (2006), which is awesome and underrated.

9. Coley breaks gin glass with an awkward karate chop!

10. Bones gets scared.

11. I vacuumed glass.

12. Then we made 9:30 P.M. gluten-free pancakes with the wrong ingredients, and they were like these weird biscuity things and we put butter and syrup on and they ruled.

13. Bones got his own special gluten-free pancake.

14. This is how we’re married for 19 years.

This Is How You Get Repeat Customers

So satisfying:
I order a $15 t-shirt from a band I love (Chromatics). Shipping is $5. The package arrives in three days.
The shirt is high quality and well printed. Along with the shirt, they include two large stickers and four very large posters.
I’ve ordered half a dozen vinyl records from them, too, and the experience is always the same. Reasonable cost, prompt shipping. Extremely high quality vinyl and sleeves, free posters, free 45s, free stickers.