8 Steps to Planning for a Temporary Mission Trip

Since 1994, I’ve brought many teams overseas on mission journeys. With these journeys, I’ve discovered there are certain strategies and steps which are imperative in establishing short-term mission journeys. I’ve come up with a summary of the very best eight key steps that may help you setup a highly effective temporary mission trip.

1. Where – This is actually the initial step in planning any temporary mission trip. You will have to figure out what country and just what region. On my small Global Ventures team journeys, we always attempt to hit an area that’s more densely populated as well as travel out up to the more rural villages to minister. Your in-country contact can help you decide the very best place for your temporary mission trip.

2. Determine what type – There are various mission journeys to select from. In order an innovator, you will have to think about which kind of trip you need to setup. Would you like so that it is humanitarian aid based or even more evangelistic anyway? Personally, Global Ventures always concentrates on evangelism. Personally i think this is the easiest method to create a lasting effect on an area.

3. Travel planning and periods- You have to always arrange for time spent traveling in addition to what medium you’ll use to obtain from point A to suggest B. 90 percent of worldwide Ventures travel is performed by plane, yet it’s important to also arrange for transportation for the team once in-country. Many occasions when taking my teams overseas, travel privacy might take 2 days. This will be significant to allot when ever planning your ministry week.

4. Plan Of Action – Here’s your in-country itinerary, here’s your strategy to handle the kind of mission trip that’s planned. Think throughout the day to day occasions/schedule and just what it will seem like. This can determine the amount of success. You plan of action can also be heavily determined by your in-country contacts (see no.6).

5. Define roles of team people – Before you decide to travel overseas having a team, you should define job roles for several team people. These roles can give your team people responsibility as well as assist you to like a leader delegate things that you’ll require assist with. These task/jobs can consist of: water distribution, team leading, crowd counting, etc. Having the ability to trust others with key roles can help your team trip run easily.

6. Relationships in-country – I can not stress how important it’s to possess dependable in-country contacts. They are individuals who reside in the location you’re visiting, and can help you using the logistics of the trip. These contacts will assist you in finding the right locations, hotels, transportation, etc. for the team. It is crucial to locate good, reliable nationals who are able to make your trip successful. More often than not, Global Ventures recruits individuals in the local church in country.

7. Safety from the team- In certain areas around the globe, especially under developed nations, more safeguards should be made for the utmost safety. These team people are technically with you, and you’re accountable for ensuring they’re protected and somewhere safe. There are specific regions where night travel is frustrated because of bandits, gangs, etc. In such cases, day travel is imperative. To make sure that Global Ventures team people are secure, (or incase of emergency), we always travel in groups, and my team leaders also have mobile phones. The security of the team ought to always be the main thing on the mind.

8. Exit Strategy – Within the demonstration of severe political unrest or outbreaks, you will have to come with an immediate exit plan in position. This is actually the quickest, safest method of getting your whole team overseas as quickly as possible. The exit plan should be formulated before the trip therefore if an action plan is essential, it may be transported out immediately. Safety of the team is yet another reason is really vital that you have dependable contacts in every country you visit. They can assist you in finding the fastest and easiest path to safety.