6 Tips for Saving Money on Your Trip to Scotland

If you’ve made up your mind about visiting Scotland, then you will already know that it’s not the cheapest place to visit. If you apply some clever planning though, you can save a lot of money and get to truly enjoy all which this beautiful, somewhat mystified destination has to offer.

Book Your Flight in Advance
You’d probably have to book your flight to this part of the world well in advance in any case, due to the comparatively limited availability, although that depends on where you’re flying in from. Otherwise booking up to 90 days in advance will have you benefitting from some really low airfares. Planning this far ahead also affords you ample opportunity to hunt bargains in other aspects of the trip, such as accommodation.

Visit During the Warmer Months
Apart from the fact that less energy consumed in the warmer months than in the cold of the winter amounts to savings that are passed on even to travellers, there is just more to do during spring and summer. You have more options to explore as far as entertainment and activities go, as well as something like accommodation (like camping). This greater variety makes for the kind of competition which benefits tourists, like being able to enjoy some outdoor fun at the many festivals forming part of the Edinburgh Festival. This of course would be as an alternative to perhaps having limited winter activity options that are priced at a premium.

Edinburgh or Glasgow?
This goes back to planning in advance to save money, bringing into focus a clear picture of the flight fares pricing pattern synonymous with this part of the world. Generally speaking, flights to Glasgow are cheaper nearer the middle of the month, while Edinburgh becomes a cheaper entry port if you’d be flying in towards the end of the month.

Land in London, England and Cross by Land
Heathrow Airport naturally makes for a much busier entry point into the entire UK region, offering the kind of travel arrangement flexibility which you could take advantage of to perhaps add England to your itinerary. You’d then subsequently travel into Scotland by land, either by road or rail. This makes for a cheaper way to enjoy more sightseeing. With regards to campervan hire Scotland is where you would pick up the vehicle you would have booked, getting there by public transport from England.

Get Mobile Accommodation
Once you’ve crossed the border, hire a campervan in Scotland to make for a great way to save money on what is otherwise some of the most expensive traditional tourist accommodation you could lodge in, in the UK and around the world. Mobile accommodation of this nature will afford you the luxury of biding your time as you please, exploring every corner of this beautiful country to your heart’s content.

Stay Longer
Being advised to stay longer may appear to be counterintuitive to the goal of trying to save money on your trip to Scotland, but that’s exactly what you’d be in for – some mega savings. It’s simply a matter of enjoying more time to really dig up the many travellers’ bargains which are available to those who aren’t likely to fall victim to higher tourist prices, often accepted on account of the apparent urgency to experience as much of the destination as possible, in the short time that you’re still there. For instance, some overseeing bodies for historic sites have long-term memberships available (going up to a lifetime, in some cases), which means you’d be getting more value for the money you pay, along with other benefits, like priority access.