Our 13-year-old son is teaching me good slang. “Buff the volume” means turn it up. “Nerf the volume” means turn it down.

Every episode of the new Twin Peaks has multiple scenes like this, which are going to haunt me pretty much forever. Seriously, just watch this scene to the end and try not to have a gut-punch reaction.

There’s so much visceral power in the new Twin Peaks, it takes me days to realize what I felt each Sunday night.

People love telling me they value intensity and wholeheartedness and honesty, and then I put myself out there (and not even in an assholish way, mind you, but in a true-blue, vulnerable way) and most people are like, “Oh whoa, too much, sayonara.”
The kicker is that the only great relationships in my life are built on intensity and wholeheartedness and honesty. Which encourages me to keep trying, even when I get ghosted by people. But man, getting ghosted hurts every time.

“Love people for who they truly are” is the only way and really, really hard sometimes. (Self-love being the hardest version of this.)